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¬†Original Paintings: ‘The Allies’ can be found here. A 9″x12″ acrylic on wrap around canvas, ready to hang, original painting.

The Allies

The Allies

Prints: Facing Spirit reminds us that everything we ‘see’ around us today, came from the invisible energies first, gathered & created by our consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. She is available in 3 sizes here.

Facing Spirit: Fine Art Giclee prints available.

Facing Spirit: Fine Art Giclee prints available.

Jewelry, Cards, Prints: Inspired by Ancient Civilizations, discover amulets and talismans, objects of personal power, like this Thunderbird Necklace of silver, amethyst and bone, here.

Thunderbird Necklace: 24k gold plate, tourmaline & peridot accents

Thunderbird Necklace: 24k gold plate, tourmaline & peridot accents

Classes: Wabi Sabi Alchemy will be available again in the Fall. This 4 wk video class offers mixed media techniques, along with Wabi Sabi Life Concepts, explained here. The latest classes I’m creating are Wabi Sabi II: Masterpieces from Your Own Photos, with all new mixed media techniques. More to come.


Take Flight: Hawk image transfer from Wabi Sabi Alchemy.

My Art reflects my life, and my blog tells the story. Check it out here.

Check out my YouTube Video Library too. Always adding more Videos here.

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  1. How do I get into the private Facebook page for Wabi Sabi 11, as the link in the email for the workshop, just takes me back to Artistic Way to enlightenment.

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