Ecourse Classes


Work at your own pace. Create your own Art Practice. Explore various media to find your favorite.

Wabi Sabi Alchemy, the Original Art + Spirit classes. See Videos each day of a different mixed media technique, 20 in all. Learn Wabi Sabi concepts and how to add them to your own life. Work through the 4 elements as you receive 4 weeks of classes with a Friday Virtual Date Video of another artist’s perspective. Read all that it offers here.

Wabi Sabi II: Painting Masterpieces from your own photos. Your Photos + Art Apps= Original Digital art that we use to create a new painting each week for 4 weeks. Work at one class a day, at your own pace. Learn all about 6 wonderful Art Apps that I use in my work daily. It’s fun and will open up new worlds of Art Play on your iphone or ipad. Find out more here.

Experience my teaching style with a free class! Alcohol Inks + Wax Resist is a fun way to learn a new medium.

How about Oil Paint Sticks + Tools?!! Another Free Video to see how I do it. They are rich, luscious colors to add to your tool box.

Open to the World of Creativity and start having fun today!

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