Wabi Sabi Alchemy: Art & Spirit

Empowered Women, mixed media, from Wabi Sabi Alchemy

Wabi-Sabi Alchemy: Art & Spirit-The Principles

Wabi Sabi Alchemy is a 4 week class where we will explore the ancient concepts of Wabi Sabi, create 20 original, personalized art projects with a different focus daily, and incorporate these honored precepts in Life Experiences. Connect with Nature, be the Artist you were born to be, play with various mixed media projects presented each day, and experience expanded viewpoints in a Virtual Date every Friday. Classes are lively, with videos demonstrating fun, simple techniques to create beautiful works of art. Join me as Wabi Sabi brings us into mindfulness and we rediscover our place in the Universe.

You Will Learn:

  • Ancient Wabi-Sabi principles and practical ways to apply them to your life

  • To Create 20 original personal works of art relating to each Wabi-Sabi concept
  • To Explore various art techniques to add to your own art-making skills
  • To Build a ‘tool box’ of ideas to create art about your life in this moment from image transfer techniques, to mixed media layers, to combining inks, paints, and oil pastel
  • Rediscover your inner artist, bring Play back into your life, & seek happy accidents in a unique artistic practice

You’ll become part of a private Facebook page If you choose, just for the Wabi-Sabi community, where you can meet other artists on the path, and show your work. This is for artistic creatives of all levels to take your art into new territory, and just play again.

Various media, Earth, Air, Water, Fire…

Work with 4 different image transfers, and easy to do art techniques

Wabi Sabi Alchemy, all 20 classes, are Available for you Right Now. Work at your own pace. Do the classes according to your schedule. Sign up now and receive a materials list, as well as access to our Members Page. A link will be given for our FaceBook private group.

Experience ink/acrylic/oil pastel mixed media projects, and 4 image transfer techniques. Work with Spirit + Art in your life. Bring back the fun of your childhood by playing with art in many forms for just $99.00. That includes 4 wks of videos, presentations, and samples. Get it all today! Happy Creating!


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