Wabi Sabi II: Your Photos + Art Apps=Digital Art

4 areas covered in this Course: your photos & painting a face, an animal, flowers, and a dreamtime

Wabi-Spirit + Sabi-Physical =The Art of Spirit

Wabi Sabi II: Classes Available Now; work at your own pace.

Michelangelo would have used Apps! Leonardo probably would be inventing new ones. Both were innovators of many mediums as well as strong artists in their own right. They would have used all available techniques to achieve their desired results.

All you need is an ipad or iphone, and itunes account to download the Apps. Each work of Art is a souvenir on your Creative Journey. You will:

  • Master 6 Major Easy to Use Art Apps

  • See deeper, as an artists sees

  • Acquire several skills to create correct proportions

  • A new focus each week: the landscape, an animal, a face, making it personal

  • See my painting the ‘Eyes’ tips & methods

  • Create 1 to 2 completed paintings each week- Use the Digital Image as your guide to create truly original paintings. See how it’s done!

  • Learn different acrylic paint, Inktense sticks, and colored pencil techniques

  • Work at your own pace, return often to view the various Videos at your leisure

  • Each Friday’s Virtual Date will provide a fresh viewpoint

  • Get a Wabi Sabi Life Experience to apply to your own life each day. It’s a way of life.

    Golden Heart of Alchemy

    Gain new knowledge and direction for your next body of work. Develop a rhythm and focus as you learn to create strong compositions. Unlock those things that resonate most to you personally. Develop designs and ideas with a Goal to ‘See Deeper’. Discover new resources for your work. Create your own Inspiration Boards, with photos, writings, and drawings.

    Art Apps are brilliant tools to alter your own photos and images to create surprising, unique, original works of Art. I use them and love them. Learn to easily change colors on your favorite photos, layer images, use filters and text, create digital art that stands alone, or that can be used as a reference, as we create amazing paintings together. Registration is now OPEN for the newest 4 week online course, Wabi Sabi II.

    See how I do it. Learn my various techniques to transfer images to a painting, to create good proportions, and to add interesting textures. Each step by step technique builds upon another, eventually leading up to one or two completed paintings a week. Fridays we will have a Virtual Date Video, another point of view to stir your imagination. Join a private FB site to meet other creatives on the path.

    Sign up now. 4 Weeks of guided step by step videos, with my input each day, to learn various acrylic and mixed media techniques, while creating amazing Digital Art, all for just $99.00. It’s like being in the studio with me. Join our group of creative spirits.

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