[fblike]I really liked the freedom and the unconditional support to explore new ideas, to express myself through art, and to discover my “Self” through art and the mutual sharing of thoughts about life experiences with the other students.    Pam S                       

The best part was the power of our sister circle: Acceptance, concern, caring, strength. –Julie C

I loved the peace/tranquility of the Treehouse and the sacred feeling inside the front door.  –Mary T

Going forward, I will consciously choose to be open- to share myself with others. It was a growth experience for me to be so wholeheartedly accepted when I opened myself to others. The sisterhood of sharing we developed was life changing and precious.  –Pam S

I liked knowing that Pat believes and is excited about this journey/path/direction. -CZ

Great to be making & creating art for a certain time-Our Time- My time to create & be in my creative place has opened me up to do more when I’m not here.  -Jane R

I really enjoyed The Book. It was a platform to tell my story- to work through “my story” in an artistically expressive manner.  -Barbara W

I’ve always known that I need to take care of me~ This class has shown me that I have to change my thinking, dream my wildest hearts desire dreams and focus on what I want. I choose Me in this life~ my happiness depends on it.  -Julie C

The Icon. Very powerful piece for me. It’s given me an opportunity to examine my past, acknowledge it and direct my own Happily Every After.  –Judy H

The information in the classes provides a road map for living an authentic life. The classes have provided tools for living a more skillful life, which in turn will make life more satisfying. Tools: Choice, Discernment, Trust the Universe, Ask & you shall receive. -Jeannie T

Reinforces my approach to Life as Art, Art is life.  –Patti T

I try to keep my projects visible to me everyday, along with my notebook used in class. Both, together are powerful sources for me! I try to use the ideas daily and focus on my energy & my own light to guide me.   -Karen B

Pat is passionate about sharing these life lessons with others: exciting stuff! Her home & treehouse/workstudio provide a sanctuary where we can dive deeply into the important work we do in class.  –Barb C

The space is Sacred! Pat is truly a touchstone for peaceful, positive energy. It flows around you & inside you the minute you enter the front door.   -Betsy P

Pat is a spectacular high level creative master. Her home is peaceful & safe to help you explore. Studio demos are well explained in a gentle nurturing space. Supplies are great. Teaching is very patient.    -Dee N

I love being in her presence & look forward to sharing time with her in an online class!   -Angelica C

Her view of life is unique and makes me reevaluate my approach to life in general.    -Sharon A

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